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To request a copy of a police report you need to fill out a request form. You may come pick one up at our office or you may print one from here: Request Form


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Most public announcements can be found on our Facebook page. We encourage you to follow us there: Our Facebook Page.

Local Departments

The Rigby Police Department is proud to serve the citizens of Rigby Idaho.  Along with many other local agencies we take pride in our town, our county, and our state. Follow the link below for contact information to the department you need.

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Welcome to the Rigby Police Department

Rigby Idaho is the "birthplace of television" and the home of the first Edwards Theater.  It is a beautiful area with a long family-friendly history, and its' police aim to keep it that way.

The Rigby Police Department operates under the direction of Chief Allen Fullmer.  Chief Fullmer was hired by the Rigby City Council in 2022 and oversees the department at the discretion of Rigby's current mayor, Richard Datwyler.  Working together with our community we strive to promote a safe and positive place to live.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to contribute to our community's economy, to build strong relationships with all we serve, and to improve the standard of living by creating a safe environment for the public to work and play.


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